Wednesday, October 31, 2007


These are just a few from today...Very slow day at the park!


Beast said...

Good Stuff Dion,
Congrats on starting a Blog.

Vincenzo said...

...boy, just what the world needs...another caricature blog :)!!

Have fun Dion...looking forward to the posts!

Marion said...

Congratulations Dion, and welcome to the blog-family!
Hope to see some personal stuff too once in a while (ofcourse not too personal)

Paul McCall said...

Welcome to the blogosphere Dion.
Are you still using the Copics?

Dion Socia said...

Thanks everyone!
The world ALWAYS needs more caricature blogs!
Paul, I am still using the Copic Sketch. It's my favorite marker in the world...LOVE IT.