Tuesday, October 30, 2007

WOW,...I have a blog!

I've decided to start this blog as someplace to post my daily drawings. I've been thinking for quite some time now that as an educational pursuit, I'd like to create art at least once a day and post it as a sort of artistic diary. I've thought for months now that I would never find the time to do artwork every day. Today it dawned on me that I actually DO do art every day. Drawing caricatures full time at Busch Gardens in Tampa certainly counts...not sure how I overlooked that.

It's my hope that this forum will push me into developing further as an artist and that I'll be able to get some much needed feedback from other artist friends.
By all means, feel free to leave any and all feedback.

These are a few I've done over the past few days. I'll try my best to get new ones up as consistently as possible.


Emily said...

Hey Dion, those are great reasons to have a blog. It's a real art-motivator for me too!
I'll put a link to you on my blog.
And sorry, I absolutely can't think of any inappropriate comments right now...

Johanna said...

Dion, just to support you with your decision, I'll check your blog on a regular base.. ;)
And I'm looking forward to it, it's an inspiration!

Mr Bill said...

Keeping a journal going is a little tougher than starting one.

You have a unique understanding of the mechanics of exaggeration and vision of where caricature fits into the big picture of artistic communication.

I'm hoping you'll use this platform to share your gifts with your NCN family (and beyond.)

We're here, watching...