Monday, November 12, 2007


One of the things that I'm not so comfortable with is coming up with new body situations on the evidenced by my second soccer(English football) body in just a week. Even worse, the girl who wanted a body but had no idea what she wanted to be doing. "Just draw me on a trampoline" she says. Simple enough...what a lame sketch! I'm fine at all the usual stuff...sports, hobbies and other things that Ive drawn a million times. I need to work on some different poses.


Star (Sarah) said...

Wow, you uploaded these already! I agree about doing poses on the fly. At least if they're for something specific I'm not familiar (which includes any sport I haven't drawn dozens of times). I really like the soccer one, though. Love his big forehead too.

Newsome said...

Hey Dion

I really think you using this blog in an effort to force yourself to try some different things is very helpful to me. I will come back and see more of your posts. I too fight so much with my drawing, so to hear that you have to press yourself some. Give me hope that sometimes its all about not giving up. Thank for sharing here.

Mike Newsome

Steve Hearn said...

OK, the English kid is wearing the England Soccer shirt but you drew him wearing an Argentina Soccer shirt...eek...looks like I will have to educate you on the soccer stuff buddy, so we may have to have an all night drinking session when I come over in a few weeks time..LOL!